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Form editing

Selection of an element

To edit an element in your questionnaire or to activate it, you have select it.

To select an element, place the mouse cursor on it and click with the left button. The frame of the element will become orange-coloured, which shows that the element has been selected.

A panel will come out beneath your browser, with properties of the element selected.

Using this panel, you can change the text of a question, the comment to a question, the necessity of filling-in etc.

The bookmarks of the element properties panel

There are elements which have a great number of properties. To make their presentation easier we emplaced them on different bookmarks. They are presented in the lower part of Property Panel.

Each element has its own basic properties, such as “Text of a Question”, “Commentary”, etc. They are emplaced on Bookmark “Basic”. Non-standard and rarely used properties are on the other bookmarks.

For example, the component “One of Multitude” has two bookmarks: “basic” and “List of Answers”

Editing of “List of Answers”
For convinience, the list of answers is presented on a separate bookmark. Select the component (e.g. “One of Multitude”), switch over to bookmark “List of Answers”. You will see the list of Default Answers.

Additional of answers To add up to an answer, press the icon “Addition” near an answer in this field.

You can add up any number of fields for answering. For this purpose, place a needed number of fields in Field “Add Up” and press Button “OK”.

Removal of answers To remove an answer press the icon “Remove” right of the answer. Unless the field for answering was filled, the answer will retire without a warning, otherwise a confirmation of removal will appear.

Element Copying

There are many cases when you have to create two or more questions, slightly different from one another.

To save the time, you may create a first question, then copy it and correct the copy. To copy an element, press the Button “Copying” in the right-hand corner of the element.

Temporary disabling of an element

To disable an element, press the icon “Disable the Element” in the upper right-hand corned of the element.

You can easily disable an element if you need to exclude the element from publication of a questionnaire for some time. At any moment you can put it back using the same button.

Removal of an Element
To remove an element press the icon “Removal” in the right-hand corner of the element. You'll have a message confirming the removal. Press the button “OK” if you really want to remove the element.

Changing the order of priority of elements
There's a frequent necessity of changing the successiveness of questions. To move elements in the list, press the arrows “Up” or “Down” in the right-hand upper corner of the element. The element will move without page recharging.

Page Separator
The element allows you to separate the list of questions by pages (in the public section). For example, you want the respondent to see the first five questions, while the remaining three to see when he/she has answered the first five. In this case, after the fifth element-question you have to put in the Page Separator.

If you have to place Page Separator after each question, it is sufficient to put a check-mark opposite this element in the Element List. In this case, the Separator will be inserted after each new element.

The separator can be removed as an ordinary element.

Saving of a Questionnaire
After you've filled in the questionnaire with questions, you have to save it. For this purpose, press the Button “Save” placed under the last element.