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A recent Questionnaire on 128GB USB Drives produces some interesting facts right upfront. Flash Drives Flash drives have become an integral part of your work ethic in your organization. It is the easiest and the fastest method to transfer smaller amounts of data between unconnected computers. When everyone uses flash drives, how will you distinguish yours from the others? Usually, the flash drives from one brand or company look alike and since it is easy to format them or change their names, it is very easy to lose your thumb drives. There is an excellent and permanent solution to this problem. Use a custom made thumb drive. Custom made Flash drives range from anything and everything you would like. So, spice up your work life with interesting Flash drives. Lets see how can you customize your Flash drives.

o Convert your doodle into a model Keep doodling while on phone calls or at work? Let's take that drawing and convert it into something you can use. This is an excellent gift article as well. You easily come to know what the person thinks or likes through his doodles. Take a picture and send it to CFGear. They will make the doodle come to life by making it into a Flash drive!

o New product, new flash drive If your organization has launched a new product, show it off by making custom made Flash drives in that shape. Let your employees carry it to meeting with your clients. You can even gift your clients the Flash drives shaped in your new product. This can prove to be an excellent marketing strategy for the new product launched by your organization.

o Your company's logo shaped Flash drive If your company has a cool logo, do not just print it on the flash drives you distribute. Be different and think innovative. You can custom make the flash drive in the shape of your logo. Imagine your employees carrying the cool Flash drives representing their companies! Marketing guys, you know what im talking about.

These are some of the Flash drives ideas that have been custom made
o A children hospital got teddy bear Flash drives custom made for all the workers in the hospital

o A bottle company got flash drives made in the shape of the bottle. Pop open the cap to find an actual USB drive sticking out of the bottle.

o Princeton University got Flash drives made in the shape of airplanes. Sky is the limit if you want to be creative!

If you have loved the above ideas, you are probably wondering, that's cool but where do I get this done, read on! Custom made bulk thumb drives are available at some websites. Their team of excellent 3D designers and modelers can make the most amazing look Flash drives according to your taste. Be it your favorite football team, your favorite drink, your favorite cartoon character or just your name written in a cool avatar, they can get it all made and delivered at your door step. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order one


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