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As we're planning to introduce a new FAQ section to our website, we'd kindly ask for your feedback about the following sample article about greenhouse heating systems. Please use the box below the article to let us know how you liked it:

In a greenhouse, you can grow the fruits, vegetables and flowers of your choice over the course of a whole year. In order to be able to do so, you need greenhouse heating for the winter months.

By using a greenhouse heater, you can harvest fresh fruits or vegetables 365 days a year and even more - isn't it beautiful to have a lovely, warm place of green in the middle of the winter right in your garden?

To run your greenhouse all year long, you need a proper heating system that is customized to your needs.

Selection of the right heating module for your greenhouse(s) depends on the place you're living at. The colder your area gets in the winter, the more powerful your heating system should be. Despite the coldness of the winter, you need to take into consideration the sunlight in your area. Sunlight both procudes heat and plays an important part in your growing success or fail, so make sure to take this into consideration when deciding for a heating system.

Next up you have to ask yourself: what's my plan for the winter? There are basically two different plans people follow for the winter months with their greenhouses: there's group A who's just interested in avoiding your plants from freezing while group B wants a steady grow over the winter months as well. The first option is obviously much less heat and power requiring while being able to harvest over the whole course of the year requires a much higher end setup and involves higher costs.

One factor in their greenhouse planning many people forget are the running costs. Different to the setup costs, the running costs for a powerful heating system are not to be neglected. There's no fixed amount or general rule of what your heating system will cost at the end of each year, but the bigger the greenhouse the more power or fuel/oil you need to create enoug heat.

While you need to focus on the winters in your area, assuming you're in very hot regions, probably a mix of a heating and cooling system is the right choice for you to avoid too much heat during the summer months. These systems are normally a bit more on the pricey end of the product range but at the same time can prevent your plants from drying out during summer months.

So after having figured all that out, you need to decide for a type of heater for your greenhouse. We at SW Greenhouses offer a lot of different heater types, including space heaters, gas heaters, ceramic (electric) heaters or heaters based on water. To find the right heater for your needs we invite you to contact us by phone or through our website and we will do our very best to make sure you get the heater matching your needs.

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