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Children And Teeth Issues

In our daily life we are exposed to an increased level of radiations. These radiations are a threat for the normal health of people. We know that an atom is the smallest particle of the matter. Previously it was thought that atom can not be sub divided in to the fine particles and it was considered to be the finest particle of the matter. But with the advancement in the modern techniques it was investigated and proved that atom can be divided into the still simpler form and it was found that more than hundred particles are present inside the atom. Now it is considered that there are two parts of the atom. One is the central part that is called the nucleus. This part is positively charged and all the particles except electrons are present inside this part of the atom. While the revolving electrons are present outside of the atom. These electrons are continuously revolving around the nucleus. This is the explained structure of the atom.

But our point of interest is the emission of the radiations. Outside the nucleus there are definite energy levels in which the electrons are revolving these levels are called orbits and they have fixed amount of the energy. The inner orbits which are close to the nucleus have lower amount of the energy while the orbits present at the outer part have greater amount of the energy. The electrons remain bound in the specific energy shell and they neither absorb or release energy. But when these electrons are given energy from outside they absorb energy. When they absorb energy they are excited to the higher energy levels. But they are not stable in those orbits and they fall back to their original position. When they fall back they release the extra amount of the energy which they recently absorbed from the external source. This energy comes out of the atom in the form of the radiations or the packets of the photons.

These radiations have the penetrating power. More is the penetrating power of the radiation more it will be harmful for the body. As it will change the structure of the molecules of the body. And these molecule will not be able to perform their normal functions. For example these radiations have affected the functions of some proteins these proteins will not be performing their normal functions inside the body and the disorder will start this disorder will be in the form of state of unrest. This state of unrest is called diseased condition. if they have affected the face or the teeth they will result in the permanent discoloration of the teeth or the broken disorders of the teeth. They may also result in the bleeding gums. That situation may become critical with the infection. So it is necessary to keep you avoid from the source of the radiation and always try to keep the healthy conditions. The professionals of the dentist in Queen Creek are famous for not only providing the complete dental treatment but they also educate their patients so that they can maintain the healthy conditions in their lives.

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