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It is an established fact that the development and progress of the country and even the progress of the society at minor or the grass root level is dependent upon the financial reservoirs of the country.

In some cases the studies reveal that their occur a blockage or stationary phase during the tax collection process that becomes the matter of discomfort for the officials as the developmental projects ceases in this way. Even the policies are being executed fairly and no detectable flaw can be monitored in those particular situations the experts suggest to develop tax free policies for the industrialists. In such policies the foreign investors are requested to invest their capital in their state by setting up the their factories and start manufacturing of their products. And they are offered tax free system. Like they will not be asked to deposit taxes upon the earnings.

This offer attracts the foreign investors and they become ready to invest their capital in those particular countries. The governments or the administrations also ensure their security and also provide them with the in interpreted power supply to maximize their growth. There is apparent no benefit for the state but In this way many hidden benefits are there for the state department and for the taxation department. First thing the foreign capital is being used in their state. This thing helps to improve the economy and the economy of that country gets stronger. Secondly the people of that state are getting jobs in those factories and the there occurs reduction of unemployment ratio of that state. This thing helps to bring prosperity and happiness in the every corner of the society. When the people are getting paid and they are having jobs they will be able to lead a happy life by fulfilling the needs of their family.

The other major benefit that the state gets by the foreign investment is that those investors use the transportation and every other resource of that country or the state. In this way they are paying all indirect taxes. That helps to build up the financial reservoirs of the country and in this way when there is improved financial conditions the developmental wave again reaches to the peak value. There occurs the improved life style of people. So by offering only not to take the direct taxes the states are taking many hidden benefits. These policies are the state friendly policies and these are formulated by the experts of that state and it also helps to develop the soft image of the country and the states. Such experts must be recruited by the national taxation departments and they must be provided the free environment to perform their duties of formulating and suggesting the new and useful policies freely. The officials of salt lake city tax attorney are also contributing to the national development in this regard they are helping the state by formulating and suggesting the fair taxation policies that can attract the investors to bring their capital and take part in national development.

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