What should be considered when writing an essay?

The main topic and goal of the essay, as well as the topics and goals of its individual sections, should be clearly defined.
A bright phrase, paradox, allegory, interesting fact, etc. can be used to grab the reader's attention.
In the introductory and concluding parts, attention should be focused on the main problem of handmadewriting reviews (introduction - problem statement, conclusion - summary).
Paragraphs, sections, and red lines should be highlighted, and there should be a logical connection between paragraphs and sections of the essay - this way the integrity of the work is achieved.
The narration should be expressive, emotional and artistic. The use of simple, short and varied in intonation sentences contributes to this to a greater extent.
Rules for writing an essay
There is only one formal rule - the essay must have a title.
Arbitrary internal structure is allowed. Given that the essay is a small form of written work, it is not necessary to repeat the conclusions that may be contained in the main text or the title.
The formulation of the problem may well be preceded by an argumentation, and the formulation itself may be identical to the final conclusion.
The essay should not be cluttered with serviceable details such as "I will talk about this and that" or "I have identified this and that," as, for example, is often done in essays. Instead, it is better to pay more attention to the disclosure of the topic.

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