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What is transcription ? This is the translation of video or audio information into text format. In other words, you listen to the video and record its content. Naturally, the text should be logical, convey the thoughts of the author of the video to the reader in as much detail as possible. Such work does not require special training, it is only important to have good hearing and be able to type quickly.

Who needs transcription ?

Many people need transcription . Let's list the categories of people who use this service more often than others.


When the teacher reads the material too quickly or the student for some reason cannot write, then recording the lecture on a dictaphone will help him out. Then audio transcription is done , and the student gets the opportunity to use the synopsis.

Participants of trainings and webinars

Seminar facilitators provide information very quickly. In a short period, they need to be provided with the maximum amount of information with which the listener is often completely unfamiliar. Recording on a dictaphone is the only way to record the presenter's speech. Then the transcribe audio to text seminar and the listener has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the information received in a relaxed atmosphere.


Negotiations with partners are often recorded on a dictaphone. After translating them into text form, you can remove unnecessary points from the text, leaving the main ones and analyze the results. This applies not only to formal negotiations, but also to ordinary communication, for example, in a circle of creative people, where a recorded and transcribed speech will help to analyze some interesting points that you could not catch in the discussion.

Creation of unique content

Often, audio and video clips provide unique information that is not available in text form. In this case, transcribing audio into text allows you to get interesting unique content on the site.

The service is also ordered by writers who dictate their texts, authors of radio programs, translating their issues into text mode, as well as people of other professions.

Transcription software
When transcribing, you have to regularly rewind the video back in order to listen to the incomprehensible moment again and again. It can sometimes drive you crazy, because not every student is able to withstand it. Often, students have to apply for essay help , so that professionals for whom the use of programs is routine can help them do the transcription . However, even they find it difficult. It is not very convenient to do this constantly with a mouse, therefore special programs have been developed to facilitate the work. The most popular transcription software is Express Scribe . It allows you to:

Listen to audio / video and type text in one window, you don't have to switch.
Use hot keys ( Stop / Play ).
Slow down and speed up the scrolling of the file.
Use hot keys to quickly rewind the recording.
The program is free, you can download it on the official website.

LossPlay is considered a good program . Its advantages include automatic timecode insertion into the text, the ability to work with various file formats, and hotkey settings. Also free players KMPlayer , Gomplayer , Winamp are not bad .






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