Research Papers’ Proposal – 4 Writing Phases

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Research Papers’ Proposal – 4 Writing Phases *

When you face some complicated assignment, this is always easier to break it into smaller tasks and work on them step by step.

So, you will manage to complete your research papers’ proposal fast if you divide the whole writing process into four distinct phases. Let our company talks about these four phases of research papers’ proposal writing.

The first stage of writing your research papers’ proposal: developing your ideas, setting an outline.

During this stage you will have to brainstorm ideas for your paper. Even those ideas that seem kind of stupid or too creative at first, can work later for your research papers’ proposal, so, write them down - later you might take advantage of some of them.

Then, you need to make an outline of your future research papers’ proposals.

The second stage of writing your research papers’ proposal: producing a rough draft of the paper.

This writing phase is nothing but writing and organizing the ideas you got after your short brainstorming session. Moreover, you should tie these ideas with the materials your have found: your ideas should be supported with these sources’ arguments, examples.

The third phase of writing your research papers’ proposal: polishing the first draft.

You should not neglect this stage, unless you do not care about the grade on this assignment. This is boring and sometimes scary to reread the piece you have produced, but this way you will be able to correct some of the grammar, stylistic or logical mistakes in your research papers’ proposals.

The fourth phase of writing your research papers’ proposal: defending the work.

You should not worry about this stage if you worked hard during the previous three ones. Be ready to describe the writing process you have gone through.

Each of these writing phases is equally important for your research and grade, so, invest much time into each of them.

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