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Not sure what to arrange before construction? Is your intention possible? What are the limitations? How to prevent problems and save money? By hen dealing with the authorities? Build yourself or turnkey? What material to use? How much will it cost and how long will it take?
Are you thinking, considering or already planning a building such as a family home, annex, superstructure, garage or garden house? Do you want to invest free funds and are not a civil engineer, civil engineer, construction manager or construction manager? In this case, you are probably looking for independent information to help you:
1. successfully complete the entire process of preparation for construction,
2. obtain a building permit or notice,
3. choose a construction contractor and the actual implementation of the plan.
I offer just such information - I help the investor to ensure all work related to construction. No problems, no complications and no extra costs.
I will help with legislation, designer control, selection of a contractor, and technical issues. I will answer the most frequently asked questions related to construction.
1. How much will it cost me?
2. How long will it take?
3. Why should I make a zoning decision or consent to zoning?
4. Is it obligatory to draw up a report, sown area and construction budget?
5. Is there a need for documentation for construction, so called implementation documentation?
6. Do I need to issue a building energy efficiency passport? What is a building energy label?
7. What about easements?
8. How to use the zoning plan and what can you learn from it?
9. What is the municipality's regulatory plan ?
10. What about the exclusion from the land fund?
1. Which is better: a wooden house or a brick mansion? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
2. What are cold bridges and where are they created ?
3. What is dew point?
4. Which is better: diffuse or non - diffuse ?
5. What building material is more profitable for us?
1. What are the building restrictions on my land?
2. What do I need if I need new connections for the land or family home?
3. Where can you drill a well? Can I use well water as drinking water?
4. How to solve the lightning rod problem ?
5. What should be the road to the family home?
6. Do I need a parking calculation and how many parking spaces do I need to configure?
7. How to arrange an exit from the site to the road?
8. What are the parameters of a fire engine and should drive up to the house?
9. What is a fire prevention solution and a fire distance? What is a fire department? What does PENB mean?
10. What about wastewater disposal when we don't have a sewerage system?
11. Can a septic tank be used for wastewater treatment?
12. Should I have a waste water treatment plant?
13. Where can I get rainwater?
14. Can I place a family house two meters from the border of the plot? What are your neighbor's objections? How will the construction administration react? What statement does he want?
15. Should I ask a neighbor if I want an extension?
16. Can I find rooms above the garage?
Thanks to my wealth of experience, structural engineering services can answer many more questions.

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