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Top Things You Should Know about Mobile Notary Public before Hiring One *

Not all important documents need to be notarized – that is a fact. However, it is also a fact that when you need some of the documents that have to be verified or authenticated, it won’t be an easy task, especially making an appointment with your local notary public.

Fortunately, there’s a mobile notary public that you can hire these days; however, you cannot just hire anyone. So, here are the top things you should know about mobile notary public before hiring one:

#1: Mobile notary public services

A notary public is a professional who is licensed or appointed by the state to act as the fair witness to their clients when signing essential and key documents with an official stamp. These documents may include the following:

• Financial documents such as mortgage closing documents, credit or loan documents, and property needs.

• Legal documents such as wills, advanced directives, executorships, Power of Attorney, documents involving custody and guardianship, and court documents.

• Business documents such as articles of incorporation, vendor contracts, documents on the memorandum of understanding, commercial leases, construction agreements, business loan agreements, and employment contracts.

If any of these documents need to be notarized as soon as possible, you do not need to make an appointment and wait for several days until your scheduled appointment with your local notary public, you may now hire a reliable, fast, and knowledgeable mobile notary public, especially at this source.

#2: The fee

Heads-up, the fee for a mobile notary public is unpredictable.

The standard notary would cost around $.25 to $20 and is billed per-signature, depending on the state policies. The difference between a mobile notary public and the standard notary public, the former will charge their clients the expenditures for traveling per-location or as agreed; this is on top of the usual service charges for the notarization process.

For instance, closing a mortgage loan may take a considerable amount of time for the mobile notary public; this may include preparing documents, traveling from one place to the other, and paying other expenses to complete the notary process.

So, be prepared. Ask the mobile notary public you are planning to hire for possible expenses. If you need transparency, you should look for a notary public who can give you that; as an example, you may choose Rachel Mintz Mobile Notary.

#3: The duration

To get something notarized, it will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes; however, it depends on the availability of resources and the compliance of essential documents and forms for notarization procedure. This is similar to the mobile notary public; even though they will drive to you for fast and easy accessibility of notary service, the client must complete other requirements or forms to make the notarization procedure faster and easier. For instance, hiring a mobile notary public to close a mortgage loan with only a few completed requirements may take a day or two to finalize the entire notarization act. So, make sure to ask questions about the things to do and what to complete before meeting up with a mobile notary public at an agreed time.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a mobile notary public is very convenient; you no longer need to do several challenging tasks just to have your key documents notarized. However, before hiring one, make sure to check the mobile notary public’s competency.

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