Apple announces Swift programming for iOS & OS X

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Apple announces Swift programming for iOS & OS X

One more programming languages added. If you loves programming then this apple new programming language would amazed you.. On 2nd June Apple Announced New Programming language for IOS and OS X called Swift programming at WWDC event(Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). Apple claims that this swift programming will replace Objective c language for building application compatible for iOS and OS X, the developers who were using C programming earlier.

This new programming language which is in beta version until Ios 8 Released. Craig Federighi says that ““We’ve used Objective-C for 20 years, and we love it. But we wondered what we could do without the baggage of C.” he simply wants to say that Swift programming would be too much awesome for the developers.

The biggest reason for choosing Swift programming because as it is replacing c Langauge by swift they have made code too much easy to understand and much faster easier to use. comparatively then C. Apple is still proving support for theier privous programming so developers don’t need to worry abou it who is still using c to build ios apps.

Good news is that developers can covert their c programming codes to swift programming easily for which they had already build application yess they can updgrade their codes rather then replacing it.

So start learning Swift programming if you want to developed great apps for download free for upcoming Apple IOS 8 update and download ebook here to learn Swift programming. Apple claims that swift apps would be much faster than the apps built with previous c programming language outperforming them by over 93x.

Audience were too much amazed after hearing that they would be apple to submit swift application to app store from day one. they started shouted with cheers that they had not done listening its features

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