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2018 Best Buy Duvets Kids by KAS *

Kids have wild imaginations; even inside their room, they see a dreamland full of life and adventure. Then, why not let your kid’s imagination run free?

At Australian Bedding Store, there is a wide selection of duvets for kids created by KAS. Right here, you can find all kinds of duvets perfect for your little princess or adventurer.

If you are planning to refurbish your kid’s bedroom, see the details of the top seller quilt cover set for children right here.

1. Arctic Multi Quilt Cover Set- This product is a creation of KAS Kids, one of the well-known manufactures of bedroom accessories in the market. This quilt cover set offers a winter wonderland experience with its cool hues of blue partnered with geometric glaciers. Also, the design is matched with arctic animals to let your kids feel the coolness and refreshing vibe of the Arctic. Aside from this unique design, this product features cotton percale fabric with 225 thread count. This product is soft and comfortable for your little adventurers. You can find this item in single and double sizes. The set includes a quilt cover and two standard pillowcases.

2. Cactus Cowboy Quilt Cover Set- This duvet cover by KAS Kids features a playful design perfect for your little cowboy. This high-quality quilt cover set features 100 percent premium cotton percale with 225 thread count. The duvet is incredibly soft and smooth to the skin resulting in a comfortable sleep which your kids need. As the name suggests, this product has a cactus print design with signposts in hues chartreuse and grey to complete the Wild West theme. This item is only available in double size.

3. Garden Brights Quilt Cover Set- Are you looking for a duvet for your little princess? Do not miss one of the best duvets collections by KAS Kids, the Garden Brights. This duvet cover features a playful floral print and summery colors perfect for all little girls. The front panel of the comforter is designed with pretty flowers, a cute ladybird and foliage. The fabric of this duvet is made from 100 percent cotton percale with 225 thread count.

4. Cactus Multi Quilt Cover Set- What if your baby girl has a knack for adventure? Which duvet will suit best her personality? This Cactus multi-quilt cover set will bring your little girl to a dreamy desert oasis. The front panel of the duvet features lush cacti with dragonflies and bright-hued blooms; this is the perfect picture of a paradise. The fabric of this item is also made from 225 thread count cotton percale. This duvet set is available in single and double sizes. Also, the set includes a quilt cover and two standard pillowcases wherein one is for a single size. The fabric of this quilt cover set is machine washable. It won’t easily shrink or tear immediately. The color is also long-lasting.

Do already have everything you need to renovate your kid’s bedroom?

If you need more details about these bedroom accessories, check out this helpful site for info.


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