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Custom Shaped Flash Drive *

We design the best custom thumb drives in different designs to perfectly meet your custom demands. We have many years of experience and puts a major focus on customer satisfaction. We work as a team to design 100% custom USB in different shapes. We have top-notch innovation to invent new products to satisfy your personal needs.

If you want a new product with a well-designed logo shape, we are here for you at all times. We give wonderful idea that will perfectly match your custom needs.

Types of Custom Shaped USB Flash

Airliner airplane shaped USB flash

This is designed to give you an imagination of the height extent to which you can fly with your data while still in your pocket.

• Hi-Speed which performs exemplarily well
• Airplane-shaped Rubber seal
• Silkscreen which comes in 4 colors
• 100MB airliner
• 128 to 16GB data storage capacity
• 10 years data retention capacity
• Lifetime warranty which is limited

It provides outstanding logo brand for the fact that it has high-flying drive with four-color silk screen which is customized.

Army knife Swivel USB Swivel

Custom USB Flash drive is well laid out into Swiss army knife like drive. It is unique on its own and your flash drive is assured of utmost safety.

Outstanding features

• USB unit is well protected in the high-quality plastic casing
• Comes in variety of colors. The major ones being, white, green, and yellow
• High performing LED indicator which indicates whether it’s working or not
• Key loop which is built in
• 100 MB data storage capacity

Army knife swivel USB drive is conveniently used in the camping sites, stores, recreational parks, and many more places. It provides unique secrets to attract many customers. It I exhibited by two printing options that amaze clients; Silkscreen printing and laser engraving.

Arsenal Bullet shaped USB Drive

This unique design of Arsenal bullet shaped drive is made to attract huge number of clients. It is presented in colored metals such as, gold, silver, and bronze to feature out in an outstanding manner. Customers find it fun when using this unique design of USB drive.

• Hi-speed USB 2.0 while standard USB 1.1 interface options
• Compatible with PC/MAC/Linux
• 1000G shock resistance
• Its data retention goes up to 10 years
• It has limited life warranty

Our able team works hand in hand to bring out the best design just for you. Just draw a simple sketch of what you want and we will modify it to fit your taste. Give us detailed information of what you expect so that we deliver accurate design.

Mail us or directly call our service number and describe the concept. Leave the rest to us. We have a clear picture of your expectations.

We promise to design custom flash drives which outweighs other designs in the market. Your brand will always be the best with exemplary features. Don’t ever hesitate having us at your service. You are part of our team and we are honored to work for you.

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