The best audio players for PC

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Currently, even those users who do not consider themselves music lovers, have a fairly large amount of audio files. They need not just a convenient audio player , but also additional functionality for listening to music on the computer, its cataloging and all sorts of processing. So I decided to add an article on the site with an overview of music players for PC .

The player, introduced by the developers of operating systems by default, which fully suited me for functionality and not only I have not seen. Moreover, you can not call such a player a media center. Not to mention, of course, about Windows Media Center , but this is not the case. In Windows, there is a good audio player , but the sound quality, comfort in use and functionality leave much to be desired. An excellent multimedia player you can find in third-party developers. True, their huge number and choice is not simple. I think that I picked up the optimal solutions with excellent sound quality and a wide range of possibilities. So, choose a music player .

1. Winamp

This multimedia player is well-known and has a huge army of users. At first Winamp supported the playback of only music files, but now you can play a variety of videos, convert multimedia content, and use the player to listen to Internet radio. Now the fate of Winamp is not solved and it is going to buy the company Radionomy, previously received information on the closure of the project on December 20, 2013.

Features of Winamp audio player

Fast scaling of the program window size in 2 times. This function is especially advantageous when viewed on large diagonals.
Automatic track recognition (composition). Tag filling. Search for the album cover.
Import libraries from the iTunes service.
Winamp support for additional modules - extensions that add different functionality: reading lossless formats, working with disk images, etc.
From the shortcomings, you can note the intricate interface.

2. atunes

Yes, the name of this audio player is banal like Apple's music service, but it has nothing in common with it.

Features of the audio player

aTunes is made in the Java language, which makes it cross-platform: work on all popular OSes (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD).
A convenient cataloguer of tracks (autocomplete tags, search by tags)
Well-thought-out interface and functionality
An excellent system for compiling playlists (auto-generation of playlists, personalization - sub-audio compositions according to your preferences).
Support for a variety of music online services (in real time, the audio player loads the text of the song being played, shows the album cover, a short biography of the artist, and so on.
What I particularly liked: in the window aTunes you can execute a query, with which the service will select similar artists.

AIMP - the best choice for listening to music

3. AIMP3

Audio player AIMP - a modified alternative to the player Winamp.

AIMP3 Features

The AIMP3 interface is similar to the classic Winamp skin, but the player, unlike the Nullsoft product, has a small distribution and good speed.
Advanced built-in equalizer (18 frequencies of sound vs. 10 for Winamp).
A set of various audio effects: reverb, flange, chorus, pitch, tempo, echo, bass, voice suppression, etc.
Simultaneous work with several playlists: one is played - the other is being edited.
Built-in tag editor and ability to download covers.
AIMP supports lossless images by default if there is a CUE markup file.
Ability to use different ways of outputting the signal to improve the sound: DirectSound, ASIO and WASAPI.
AIMP supports listening to Internet radio stations (recording a broadcast and then saving it). *

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