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Product Review: Everything You Need to Know About Bay Alarm Medical *

Bay Alarm Medical is one of the trusted medical alert systems in the United States. For years, they have provided excellent service and immediate medical response to their consumers. But, who is Bay Alarm Medical and why it is considered as one of the most recommended medical alert system companies?

Who is Bay Alarm Medical?
Bay Alarm Medical is one of the top tiered medical alert systems to offer efficient service to seniors across the country. Even though the company was founded in 1946 they were able to maintain a high-quality care to their consumers.

What makes Bay Alarm Medical special?
More and more individual recommends Bay Alarm Medical to the beginners due to its long history of quality care and immediate response to immediate medical emergencies. To fully understand their efficiency, below are its advantages:

1. Offers several options
Due to several technological innovations and the changing environment, the Bay Alarm Medical had done several smart innovations to their equipment to offer more security.

• In-home Medical Alert – This option includes a personal button that an individual may wear as a necklace or as a wristband. Also, this product includes a connection to the landline. So, when an emergency happens, the user must press the personal button to get an efficient live operator to assist the patient or senior. However, if there are no responses coming from the patient or senior, the operator shall immediately contact the people on the emergency list. If in case the operator receives no response, he or she will assume the situation as an emergency and will immediately dispatch medical assistance.

• The on-the-go system – This is one of the best innovations that Bay Alarm Medical had added in their program, where the immediate family member or caregiver can watch over the patient, senior, or their kid’s current location through GPS Tracking Portal. Through this, you are able to easily access your loved one’s activity through his or her Mobile GPS button – a safety prevention that you do not want to miss.

• The automatic fall detection – This device is specifically designed to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable. The automatic fall detection is a reliable device that alarms and signals the emergency personnel during emergency situations like the patient had fainted, fell from the stairs, tripped, lost his or her consciousness, and more.

2. It offers competitive pricing
Despite the popularity and efficiency in medical emergency responses, the company still offers competitive prices; just as low as $19.95 per month, you are able to secure your home or your loved one who needs special medical attention.

3. They do not lock their consumers in any long-term contracts
The Bay Alarm Medical does not offer long-term contracts to their consumers. They allow their product user to enjoy the service as long as they want, and they can cancel it anytime without worrying about any cancellation fee. Instead, their consumers can receive pro-rated refunds for the unused service, if they wish to cancel.

Final Verdict
If you plan to purchase a medical alert system for your loved one, why not try to consider this device? There are a lot of advantages you can get from buying this remarkable medical alert system program.

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