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Blogging Tips: How to Increase Your Blog Post for SEO *

Are you currently struggling with how to increase your blog post for SEO ranking?
Well, you are not alone; there are thousands of blog owners who have the same SEO ranking difficulties. Conquering the SEO ranking is not something that can be done in a day; it is a continuous process.

Even though SEO ranking still remains a mystery for some, here are some tricks that can help you increase your blog’s SEO ranking.

1. Choose a killer topic

If you want to increase your site's traffic or SEO ranking, you have to choose a topic that will arouse the interest of the web visitors. You must do some research on what is currently hot in the world of a trend. If people start to take notice of your posts, they will start to spend time on your site. As a result, this will send a “positive social media signal” enforcing the search engine to rank your site and increase it due to the valuable posts.

2. Utilize keywords

Keywords are essential; it can be a word or a phrase, where the web users have to type them into the search box.

If you have been using your keywords, efficiently, the SEO will pull out the website that has higher SEO ranking or have been frequently utilized by the web users. Here are some tips to utilize your keywords in your blogs, effectively:

• Use a tool that will allow you to find keywords that can link to your topic and bring traffic to your site; one best example is using Google Adwords or you may go here.

• Include your keywords at these places:
o At the blog title
o The heading of the blog and the subheadings
o During introduction
o The body or the anchor text
o During conclusion
o With your title tags and meta-description

3. Optimize your blog title

Your blog title matters a lot. To drive likes and shares in social media, you have to create a title that can arouse your potential readers’ attention; in other words, you have to create useful click bait.

Several blog writers have been using click baits for years, in order to attract potential readers to read their blogs or articles. Although several people do not like the idea of using click baits, it is, without a doubt, the most reliable and useful way to attract readers and web visitors. However, make sure to your title trust-worthy to avoid social media trolls.

4. Social media promotion

Did you know that articles with 8 to 12 words in their title get most of Twitter shares?
Did you also know that articles with 12 to 14 words in their title get most of Facebook shares?

If you want to increase your site’s traffic, you have to promote your blog through social media. Social media plays a huge part in the blogosphere; every click on the link that you have provided is considered as additional points to your SEO ranking; you can get more info about the importance of social media in blogging by visiting How to Start a Blog’s website.

Wrap Up
Understanding SEO ranking can be challenging; however, if you use the given-tips and other tricks provided by a reliable website such as the howtostartablog.com, everything will turn out just fine.


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