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Some Facts About Creating Video Games *

Video games may be fun but creating it can be another story. Unless you have the skill to do the process, you will surely find yourself caught in the maze. The entire creation process can be tough so you need to learn of its technicalities before you finally succeed in creating one.

If you are planning to design a video game, here are some important things you need to know:


If you are really serious about having video game designing as your profession, why not enrol yourself to one of those reputed game design colleges? This is highly suggested by the experts themselves. In fact, anyone who loves game can take the same path as well. Video game creation is quite complex and you need to master every aspect of it. Fortunately, many materials can be used when it comes to this matter. You can watch tutorials in creating physical game prototypes using a paper. You can also take note of things you must not do as a video game designer. There are also websites devoted to game design topics and they are run by expert game developers themselves so might as well take advantage of them.

Graphics and Sounds

There are many open sources you can use for your graphics and sounds. With them, you can polish your music and art assets. They can cover your art and you can use them as your music reference. However, when using someone else's music, don't forget to give credit to them in your game. This is one way of showing support to other artists and this is how things should be in the gaming industry.

Always remember that constant correct practice makes you perfect.

Once you finish your game, make another one. Once you are done with your first video game creation, playtest it and polish it. You can do this best by getting involved with other game developers. And don't worry; they are growing in numbers every day. Through them, you can get help on many issues or get inspiration from your peers. You can join game development events so you can create a prototype with a limited amount of time. This will help you hone your skills and have the chance to meet interesting people. If you successfully created your first game, your next move would be to create another good game.

Share It

Once you are done creating your game, the next thing you need to do is share it. Just sit with someone who hasn't played the game yet and allow that person to play the game. Preferably, this person must not be your relative or someone close to you. Choose someone who is honest enough to tell you what needs to be corrected to make the game better. Observe what they instinctively do and what they understood in the game or what they find hard to understand. The more people play your game, the better. This way, it will be easier to check what works and what does not. You can then iterate your design as possible.

Remember that video game creation is not just about receiving a salary for doing it but it is more on how you entertain other people through your skills.

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