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Effective Way to Market a Small Business *

Each month, there are more than 800 million users of YouTube. In December 2012 alone, 11.3 billion videos used as ads were watched online. This makes videos a great online marketing tool. It is effective in engaging the audience and reflects the branding personality of your business. Through videos, you can tell your story or send complex messages through easy to watch channels. Hence, video marketing can be a great way to advertise your trade, both for start-ups and business veterans. However, you just need to learn more about it.

Here are some tips you need to remember when using a video to sell out your product:

• Figure things out.

You need to analyze what specific message you want to send to the viewers. Know your intentions for showing the video. Do you want this for promotional purposes or for an educational reason? Would you like to use a video to answer your clients' questions or get their interests? Perhaps you wanted to tell a story or just wanted to use this to start a conversation. As long as you know what you want with the video, it will be easier to choose the type of video you want to create.

Here are examples of videos you can use for your business:

• Homepage video

You can incorporate humor here as you tell your story and indirectly tell your prospects and clients about your trade's value. The good thing about videos is that they allow you to link things altogether. And if you need more ideas on how to hook your prospects and clients then ask your friends and relatives what they find most interesting about your product and incorporate this to your video.

• Trustworthiness Videos

Here, you can interview real people to foster trustworthiness. This encourages people to talk, allowing you to engage with your audience with ease. With real people on the screen, viewers can relate well with the video as they tend to identify with the person they are watching. Using real people also saves you from spending more when hiring professional actors.

• Testimonial Videos

This is useful especially if you are dealing with geographically diverse clients. Another important point to remember is to identify what medium will be best to target your audience. This can be through YouTube, Facebook or your official website. The thing is; you must know your desired audience and you have to be certain of the length of your video.

Meanwhile, the budget must never be a problem. In fact, the less money you spend, the more authentic your video will be. Haven't you noticed that online videos that went viral are those that are produced with basic equipment only? However, if you need help with your video, you can ask any of Singapore’s top production studio to produce the video for you. They can produce a corporate video Singapore that fits your needs and budget. Just make sure that you deal with the right production company so you will get the best worth of the money that you have invested.

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