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What is the Best 3d Pen available

Many buyers rush to the first 3D pen they see. Unfortunately, they often end up being inevitably disappointed. Indeed, when you want to buy a 3D pen, it is necessary to read several opinions before making your choice. It is also important to consider several criteria before taking out your wallet. We tell you exactly what are the criteria to remember when selecting your 3D pen .

Shopping guide to choose a 3D pen


Make a good drawing, it takes a while. Also, if your 3D pen is too heavy, you could put your joints to the test. Of course, it is essential that you take breaks. But in any case, it is better to point towards a lightweight 3D pen .

The filament compatibility

As you know now, the filament is the raw material of the 3D pen. It is he who gives shape to your creations. You have the choice between plastic filaments, which are by far the most common, but you can also buy refills based on wood resin. The choice is yours but the filament must be compatible with your 3D pen !

Utilisation facility

There are many more technical 3D pens than others. So choose a 3D pen that fits your level. The frequency of use of the tool is also to be taken into account. If you are a beginner, avoid too complex 3D pens .Find more about 3d pens at

The speed of extrusion

The extrusion speed is the exit and drying speed of the filament. Depending on your needs, you will favor an increased extrusion speed in favor of accuracy . Again, everything depends on your needs!

The price

As you can imagine, prices vary enormously from one 3D pen to another . It must be said that the quality of the components, the number of features and the degree of technicality can bring added value to a 3D pen.

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