SunPower vs LG Solar

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Reducing carbon footprints is a great way to save the environment from its total destruction, as well as the best way to prevent the worsening of global warming. With the commitment of the government and some experts to achieving that goal, they have promoted and provided clean energy sources. Such is the so-called natural, alternative, eco-friendly, and renewable energy sources. The most popular one is solar power or energy. As the name implies, it is a power that comes from the sun. With the help of modern technology, solar panels have been developed in order to create electricity from solar power.

The good thing is that in the beginning of the year 2016, residential and commercial property owners can already find a lot of solar panel brands. Thus, they can now choose a better option unlike before that they only have one or two options. However, with great benefits also comes to some problems. As similar to any other products, there are also solar panel brands that have good and bad qualities. With such in regard, this article will look into the two brands of solar panels that have been received good ratings and reviews.

SunPower is a California-based company that has been established in 1985. The good thing about it is that it has more than 200 solar technology patents. Also, it has been labeled as one of the most efficient rooftop solar panel providers for commercial and residential properties. When it comes to the solar panel products it manufactures, they can generate more energy, approximately 70%, than the other solar panels sold in the market. Its solar panels are also resistant to corrosion because they are made with solid, quality copper. Thus, they can last longer than other brands. Although its products are thick, they are still designed to absorb sunlight at a maximum level.

People, Austin solar Installation companies, and contractors who and that will be using SunPower solar panels will love the fact that the company gives 25-year performance warranty offers. What is better is that the warranty includes labor, material, and transportation.

LG Solar LG Solar is a company that is certified by the TUV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories. It started conducting research and development studies on solar cell multi-crystalline in 1985. Its solar panels are known for having a positive power tolerance capacity. Thus, people who will be purchasing from them are assured that they will get the exact size that they ordered, as well as a solar panel that has the wattage that they ordered. At times, even higher than what they requested. The company's solar panels are also designed using CELLO Multi-wire busbar cell technology. Thus, the panel's efficiency is increased by approximately 19.5%. Likewise, the technology is also used in order to ensure that the electrical bills of the user will be lowered. The company also gives a 25-year performance and 12-year transportation and labor warranty offers.

SunPower vs LG Solar Products

As can be denoted from above, both of the manufacturers mentioned above produce efficient and quality solar panels. They are also both backed up with years of experience, certifications, and warranty offers. Thus, choosing any of the two will be beneficial.

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