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Marriage and Hereafter: How to Spice Up Your Married Life *

Been married for several years? So, how was it? You know and everybody knows that being married to the same man for several years is not similar to your first few years of romance and spice, especially in bed. Also, it is not a myth that most women would give so much attention to the children after marriage, which is to some degree a bit unfair for both parties; thus, this misconnection of mind and body from a man and his wife is one of the reasons why several couples tend to get cold with each other and eventually untie the knot. However, this kind of unfortunate situation in marriage can be avoided through positive relationship skills and the power to spice up your married life with the following suggested ways to do it:

1. Always have some private time together
No matter how busy you are with your kids, work, and with the housework, always have time to connect with your husband. In a situation where you and your husband had a tiring day, collapsing into the bed with him to have sex may be satisfying in the sense of satisfying your and his urges. However, every time you do that, you and your husband can feel that something is missing - excitement, craziness, and over the top satisfaction - a spice that both of you would love to feel. So, plan a date that both of you can enjoy a private moment.

2. Reinvent your strategy when making love
When it comes to sex, stop idling. Although men are the most aggressive when it comes to sex, it is time to face the new generation where women are now aggressive and innovative during lovemaking. You may want to use some male sex toys and play S and M, where he is at your mercy; men may not want to admit it but sometimes they want to feel being a damsel in distress. Have confidence in stepping out of your comfort zone. If you want your husband to feel something different, in the best way during sex, push your boundaries a little bit and try out something that you have not tried in the past. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea, you may start practicing on your own using every girl's favorite vibrator while imagining your wildest position with your partner.

3. Talk about sex
Sometimes talking about sex education feels like a taboo between couples. However, to become more comfortable with each other and to open a new door of romance, you need to be confident when opening a conversation about sex. You may talk about how each of you fantasizes sex and does it happen in reality? Through realization, you can now patch what is missing. Also, as a simple reminder, always remember that when it comes to creating a strong bond between couples, it is not always about having a good sex, but it is about how you deliver your love for each other even in its simplest form.

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