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Food and Beverages: Tips on How to Organize a Perfect Event *

In most events, catering services are on demand. However, not all catering businesses are able to survive in a competitive industry due to none or less than stellar organizing of events, where it is known crucial to catering businesses. So, how to organize a perfect event? Simple, all you need to have is a strategic catering management and as follows: o You must know the theme and the guests During the planning stage, the first thing you must know is "what is the theme of the event" and "who the guests are". The theme shall define the things you need for the event, such as the right lighting, mantel, table napkins, the right decoration, and much more. Also, it is important to know the guests.

To make sure that everything will be covered up, you need to know how many guests will there be, their ethnicity, and even religion. The guests' preferences shall determine what menu is best to offer or promote to the host and know the things that should be avoided to sidestep any discrimination and misunderstandings. In a catering business, you must not bypass any small but important details.

Provide the event coordinator or the host several varieties of dishes

The main event in planning is the dish proposal. You need to provide the event coordinator or the host himself several dish options to choose from. This will enable him to choose the right dish for his or her guests. Depending on the type of event or how the catering service should be like, there are a few steps that you can follow:

• Offer several varieties of entrees
• Ask if there is a need for salad courses
• Provide varieties of main dishes that they can choose
• What would be the right beverage or drinks for the event?
• Provide dessert options
• You must anticipate any special needs

In some case, there are a few guests that have special needs like allergies and religious requirements. So, to make sure that you are able to handle an inevitable situation, it is best to know the guest preferences by including them in your planner or organizer for reminder. Also, the best organizer when it comes to catering events is the food and catering management system. This allows you to manage your catering business strategically without any fail.

• Set a comfortable environment for the guest

Before the event, you need to make sure that everything you need is handled efficiently. For instance, the table and chairs should be arranged and done efficiently, plates, glass, center flower, table napkins, and cutleries should be in place. Also, every needed thing for the event should be stacked properly. This is also the reason why you need to invest in catering software. This enables you to handle the inventory wisely,which is needed for the event.

• Quality customer service
Good quality customer service tops it all. To make sure that the guests will have a unique and wonderful experience, it is important to provide the guests a good and quality customer service.

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