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The pace at which technology is improving is nothing short of impressive. The rate of progress hasshot up drastically that some people are actually expecting that it would peak out any time soon. But that would be a short-sighted prognosis. Nobody could have predicted the exponential rate at which technological advancement can become. And putting a skeptic's perspective into the context of today's technological marvels, it's basically the same. Who are we to say that there's nothing more to discover?

One of the biggest testaments of technology is the modern smart phone. A decade ago, people were willing to spend an arm and a leg for the new technological marvel that is the smart phone with an integrated camera. In hindsight, the image quality was horrendous. Yet the idea of having a phone that can take pictures was so novel and attractive that the innovative idea cemented itself as one of the biggest industry to date.

On the other hand, it's worth noting that even with the prevalence of camera phones, dedicated cameras are still in existence. This is because cameras like dSLRs and mirrorless cameras are still leaps and bounds better than the average smart phone camera. It's easy to check the latest camera news and know first-hand how camera enthusiasts still prefer dedicated cameras over the common camera phone. But that's just for the average camera phones hovering somewhere in the mid-price ranges. Manufacturers are actually coming up with camera phones that are starting to threaten both dSLR and mirrorless camera manufacturers.

Still, mobile phones taking over the market are still far off into the future, perhaps in a few decades. SLR cameras still have the advantage of customizability (at a hefty price tag). If smart phones of this generation forced customization by adding telescopic lenses then that would defeat the primary appeal of the mobile phone market, which is portability. However, as more and more discoveries are unveiled, and the coolest new technology in town can provide the means for improvement, there's a chance that highly compact lenses are to match the capabilities of dSLR lenses in the market. As with everything that has to do with the future, it's still not that certain.

The market for dedicated cameras isn't going to die out any time soon. But mobile phones are steadily taking a huge chunk from their market. Not to mention that there's an upstart type of camera that's enjoying its own niche market, and that's the action cam. Just like SLRs and phone cameras, it has its own selling point. With action cameras, this is the capability to take abuse and just be outright rugged. It's a camera choice of outdoor adventurers who want to take dynamic videos and share them to the family or to their like-minded community. When presented with these options for cameras, it's easy to see why the regular person can get overwhelmed. Deciding which of the three to buy can be difficult, so it's highly recommended to keep oneself updated with blogs to know more about them.

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