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The Prevalence of Personal Transports *

Though not particularly surprising, there is a growing number of people today who are getting themselves personal transports. It's not really a fad, to be fair. While there are indeed quite a handful of personal transport owners who are in it because it's undeniably fun, a substantial number of owners actually get themselves one for legitimate reasons. In some metropolitan areas, traffic jams can get so frustrating. In rare cases, even walking beats out waiting inside a car for traffic to budge. Being able to weave through traffic using small transportation equipment is a liberating feeling.

Another advantage of using personal transport when it comes to commuting is that it's fast. At least for those who live about less than four miles from their workplace. Add that to the fact that there's practically no need to waste time looking for available parking space. The benefit of having one and actually using it for practical purposes is best appreciated once one actually owns one. Here are some of the most popular personal transports in the market today.

1. Hoverboards

Technically, these things don't actually hover. But pedantry on the name aside, this innovative personal transport device is taking the world by storm. It's essentially a segway without a handle, but for some reason people consider it as an entirely separate type of device altogether. Perhaps this is because the challenge of a two-wheeled self-balancing device makes it so. Some hoverboards under $100 might not be as reliable as other models. However, there are some brands who are able to deliver a good hoverboard at that price range.

2. Electric bikes

What's amusing about electric bikes is that it provides a solution to a niche demographic of people who want to commute by using their own physical capability as well as having the fall-back option to just use electricity built into the electric bike. This is extremely useful in scenarios where one has spent an entire day doing so much work that they no longer have the strength and endurance to pedal their way home. Instead of having to ride a bicycle after a weary day, they just have to turn their electric bikes on and use it like any small motorcycle.

3. Electric skateboards.

Admittedly, electric skateboards aren't as popular as the first entry on this list. From a functional standpoint, one would wonder why this is so. Electric skateboards provide a much stable locomotion, which is largely attributed to having more than two wheels. But because hoverboards are aggressively marketed and because it's a new concept, people are more likely to give them more attention. But the thing is, for those who want to have a familiar feel for transportation then an electric skateboard provides a safer and a little bit more portable means.

Buying any of these three might be a big blow to someone's budget. However, it's all worth it because of various benefits such as enjoying a scenic bicycle route without having to worry so much about finding a good parking spot when stopping by the side of the road.


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