How to sweat less

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Different Methods in Hyperhidrosis Treatment *

Excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis is not a commonly recognized disease. The fact is only a small percentage of people are having this type of problem and a few of them actually seek medical help. But the truth is it still affects millions of people around the globe. This type of problem is a very serious medical condition where excessive sweating occurs on certain body parts where there are high concentrations of sweat glands like the palms, feet, underarms, and the groin area.

Hyperhidrosis will not cease until suitable treatment for the preventing excessive perspiration is actually applied. The people having with this type of condition, who did not consider treatment, experience humiliation, and low self-esteem,. Their jobs and efficiency are affected by this disease. How can they shake the hands of their business counterparts when their own hands are sweating excessively? This disease will surely offer negative effects when it comes to your social and personal life. How will you feel if you are sweating excessively especially with your underarms while in a class? Even if you know the answer to your professor's question, for sure you will be ashamed in raising that arm for you to be recognized. Hyperhidrosis promotes the development of unpleasant body odors and skin infections. How will you socialize with the people around you if you are sweating excessively and producing unpleasant odors? You need to find the best treatment to control or prevent adults or teens sweat from occurring.

There are oral medications that are available for hyperhidrosis of excessive sweating. Medicines such as Ditropan, Probathine, and Robinol are some of them. They have an anticholinergic effect that blocks the neurotransmitters from telling the body to produce sweat. Although most of these medications do not actually indicate or labeled as treatments for hyperhidrosis, the known effects of the said medication are to promote dryness. Some of the reported side effects of these drugs include blurry vision, palpitation, and dry mouth. There are also topical medicines and products that can be used to combat excessive sweating. Among these are absorbent powders, antiperspirant, and lotions. Excessive armpit sweating can be controlled at some degree by antiperspirant that has a high concentration of aluminum chloride. You can apply these during nighttime or at most twice a day and these may give relief for the day. If irritation appears, then this treatment must be stopped. It is a fact that this may help when it comes to excessive sweating but they cannot be considered as permanent treatments for excessive sweating so proper medication is still recommended.

The administration of Botulinum toxin which is otherwise known as Botox is a good treatment for excessive sweating. It is initially used for the treatment of eye muscles spasms which are commonly known as wrinkles. But at the same time, it is observed that decreased sweating actually occurs at areas injected by botox. This implies there must be a need to investigate further if it will be used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis.

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