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Sleep Deprivation and the Things It Does to Your Health *

Some people could not sleep properly at night. In this digital age, loss of sleep and insomnia is a common problem. There are several reasons which can count as a distraction for sleep. It may include pressure at work, studies, noisy environment and even the worn-out and hard bed can cause sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is what medical professionals call when a person has fewer hours of sleep or does not sleep at all. Every age group has required hours of sleep which must be strictly followed. According to the National Sleep Foundation children ages 6-13 years old must sleep for 9-11 hours, teenagers for 8-10 hours, adults 7-9 hours and elders need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. It is significant that a person should strictly observe the appropriate hours of sleep to avoid health complications.

Sleeping is a must. It is the body's natural way of managing stress and illnesses. Moreover, when a person sleeps the body repairs itself by reconstructing the damaged tissues during the day. Hence, sleeping is one of your golden tickets to wellness. You will know that a person is deprived of sleep if he/she shows the following actions;

• Mood swings
• Stressed
• Frequent yawning
• Poor memory
• No motivation at work
• Irritability
• Lesser libido
• Increased appetite especially in carbohydrates diet

Anyone is guilty of sleep deprivation. However, remember to take in mind that lack of sleep will put your health in danger.

Then, what can you do to avoid the lack of sleep? Get a new mattress!

The bed has something to do with your restless sleep. Studies say a fresh mattress and pillow can increase the feeling of sleepiness of a person as well as improves the number of sleep. Hence, for you to boost your performance at work, try buying a mattress today!

Note several things you must consider before purchasing a mattress.

First, identify the type of bed you want. There are three kinds of mattress - memory foam, innerspring and air mattress. All of these have exceptional qualities, however, if you prefer for a long-time use, durable and convenient matters, the best option is to buy an air mattress.

Second, investigate the product by learning about the manufacturer through logging in the web. Several sites offer information including product reviews of best-selling air mattresses, one of these sites is Mattress Magician.

Third, if you have medical conditions which require the use of a particular type of mattress, ask your doctor first. A wrong selection of product can harm your health and make it worse. Thus, it is important to know if you need a firm mattress or a softer one. It is one among the reasons why air mattresses are better than any bed because you can control the softness or the firmness of bed surface, so, you do not have to buy for expensive customized bed.

At Mattress Magician, they list several of the best air mattresses inclusive of product details from features, pricing to evaluations.

All details you need to guide you in purchasing a mattress is here at Mattress Magician!

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