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How to Take Care of Teeth with Braces *

People who have oro-facial defects use braces to correct the deformed parts. The connective force that braces withhold forces the jaw and teeth to align and prevent the rise of other oral problems. Those who apply braces on their teeth usually encounter a problem in teeth cleaning as well as cleaning their braces. The braces which are attached to teeth can cause tooth decay if not enough oral hygiene is observed. The gaps between the teeth and the braces permit insertion of food pieces. The unremoved particles will gather with bacteria and will cause corrosion and destruction of the enamel of teeth. The enamel is what keeps the teeth healthy, thus, once it diminishes, it will result in tooth decay.

Braces are used to make the oral health of an individual better, not to make the condition worse. Hence, you must apply appropriate methods in keeping your teeth healthy. In how to care for your teeth with braces, the top most preventive measures in protecting your oral health is to avoid too much sticky chewy and sweet foods. This food group contains much artificial glucose that increases the production of dental plaque. The dental plaque forms into tartar- the yellowish color on the teeth and later on consequence to cavities. Thus, as much as possible avoid sweets but if you cannot help to eat sweets make sure to brush your teeth regularly. The recommended times of tooth brushing is twice daily, however, for people with braces it is advised to brush the teeth when necessary. In brushing also make sure to apply gentle brushing strokes to avoid harming the gum line.

Maintaining oral health for people with braces needs extra precaution. Due to the sensitivity of their oral health, one time ignoring of oral hygiene practice can lead to worst outcomes. For this reason, orthodontists direct these individuals to strictly follow a nutritious dietary habit, which indicates only green leafy vegetables and fruits are allowed to eat. These set of food contains Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus which are essential for oral health. Of course, after eating, always remember to brush your teeth and after cleaning use dental floss to remove the remaining food debris tucked on tooth crevices.

Albeit tooth brushing is the top most oral hygiene routine, this practice is not enough to completely get rid of food particles. In brushing of teeth, some mouth parts are uncleaned like the molars and spaces between teeth. If this food debris is unremoved, it may cause tooth cavity and fall off of the tooth. Dental floss is used to clean all mouth parts correctly. A dental floss is a thread of filament which is inserted between teeth to eradicate food particles.

However, with the current innovations in dental tools, the regular dental floss has now transformed into a much better oral cleaning agent - the dental industry introduces you to water flossers. Water flossers produce a jet of water to clean mouth parts. These products are available through online. See the best water flossers for braces and learn its benefits.

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