Hazardous waste disposal

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Guidelines for medical waste disposal *

Medical hazardous waste is more dangerous than other types of hazardous waste. This is because medical waste can easily infect health workers, hospital patients and the general public. The numbers are more than worrying and clearly show the fact that numerous healthcare facilities don’t safely dispose of the medical waste they generate. For a clear idea in this respect, here are some numbers that will make you understand why medical waste is so dangerous. In 2010 alone, the authorities registered:

• 33 800 new HIV virus infections
• 315 000 new hepatitis C infections
• 1.7 million new hepatitis B infections

What do these number tell you? It is obvious for you just how dangerous medical waste can be? Do you now understand why it is so important for you to learn more about medical hazardous waste disposal? Do you now understand why you need to learn how to use hazardous waste disposal methods safely so that nobody’s health is put at danger because of the waste generated by the facility you manage and own? If you do, then check out all the waste disposal methods now available on the market. There are several methods that authorities accept and even recommend when it comes to the disposal of hazardous waste, so check them out and learn how to use them. Make sure that you follow proper medical waste disposal guidelines, as it is thanks to them that you will manage to make good choices for your healthcare facility. For example, landfilling is a method that deserves your attention and so is deep welling, which is mostly used for liquid waste. Some waste disposal companies use composting, but since you own a healthcare facility, this is not a method that can help you in any way; this is a method that has proved to be excellent for kitchen waste. The methods mentioned above are just a few out of a long list of waste disposal methods that can be used in order to make sure that the medical hazardous waste doesn’t put anyone at danger. This is the reason why we strongly recommend you to do some additional reading on this topic and learn more about all the other methods that stand at your disposal. You will surely understand the fact that there are numerous ways in which dangerous waste can be put away and that some of these methods really match the needs of your company. Unfortunately, numerous healthcare facilities don’t respect the laws and regulations regarding medical hazardous waste disposal and this is the main reason why the numbers mentioned above regarding infections are so high. We need to put this to an end and make sure that nobody has their entire life turned upside down because a disease coming from an unsafe needle or an unsafe syringe. We need to understand that it is because of our actions that other people might be suffering and this is the reason why we all have to learn more about safe, correct waste disposal and hazardous waste management.


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