The Sixth Sense

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Some of us are born with a strong sixth sense. They can hear, feel and even see events related to the past, present and future of any person. Some can even establish contact with a person who has already left the world of living. These are powers which science has not yet being able to explain fully. But they do exist. People with this kind of talent are called psychics. The prevalent of the advertisement stating online psychic reading speaks of the existence of such powers in at least some of us. Some psychics however say that everybody has the power to see the future or past or feel the pain or passion of a stranger to some extent. It is very common with the common man and woman to have some future visions however feeble it might be. This article is for those who want to cultivate this sixth sense and heighten its power rather than just being afraid or ignorant of it:

1. The first step in enhancing your psychic ability is to free your mind from all sorts of distraction and concentrate. Crystallomancy is commonly advised by many in this aspect. Buy a good crystal ball. This ball should be made from pure quartz, either milky white or transparent. The diameter should be 3 inches in size. Do not buy a quartz ball from a black market or those which are sold second hand read more. They are thought to have negative energies associated with them which will hinder the flow of your positive energy.

2. Light a candle, turn of electric lights or make them dim. The candle should be placed on one side of the crystal ball such that the ball lies in between you and the candle. The light of the candle should illuminate the ball without disturbing your eyes. There should not be nay sunlight in the room. This will help you concentrate and focus.

3. Now carefully hold the ball in your hand and revolve it from right to left. The rate of rotation should be one centimeter per second. This means you will need to rotate the ball slowly.

4. Do not drop the ball. A single drop will break it because crystal balls are made extremely fragile.

5. Now observe the crystal ball. You will first notice the physical aspects of it click here. Then as you gaze continuously you will enter into a state of trance. Your psychic being will be awakened with regular practice.

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