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Eyelashes as Your Eyes Defense *

One of the powerful features on your face is your eyes and the most subtle part of it is your eyelashes. People's attention is drawn because of them because you can communicate without even saying a word. Those long and thick lashes have been associated with beauty and youth for so long period of time.

According to statistics in 2010, American women have already spent five hundred thirty seven million dollars just for mascara or eyelash serum alone. There are still other club stores that are not included on this figure. The sales in false eyelash are forty four million dollars yearly. With the lash extensions, the cost is two hundred dollars and even more per application.

The vulnerable part of your body to bacteria, fungi and viruses is your eyes. It's vulnerable indeed to any parasitic infections. Don't you know that your tear duct system gives protection from invaders through thin layer of mucus coated in your eyes? That mucus is accompanied by oil and water which keep your eyelid and your cornea being lubricated. They are responsible to remove foreign particles in your eyes.

Before purchasing eyelash serums that work quickly, you have to be aware that your next line defense is your eyelashes. They keep away dust and other potential debris that might fall in your eyes. They act as sensors, making your eyes blink if damaging object is getting too close. There is a study published in a known journal about medical findings that eyelashes have the ability to avoid the infection and allergens transfer to the eyes. One eye doctor has said that lacking of eyelashes can cause higher rate of eye infection. Another study said that eyelashes grow in accordance to allergens exposure. It is interesting to know that kids who have ten percent longer lashes have allergies. In a sense, it is an encouragement for those who don't have denser eyelashes. The so called prostraglandins from the eyelid are released as a response to allergens and produce hair growth that protects your eyes.

Every human being has eyelashes and that is unique of course. For mammals, wet eyes and eyelashes are 1/3 of the length of their eyes. The purpose is not just for debris protection but for airflow and evaporation rate control on the cornea surface. The study conducted among twenty two mammals and the study include humans, researchers found an interesting thing about eyelashes. The growth of eyelash is just right length for airflow minimization over the eyeball. So, as the lashes grow longer, the air flow reduces, the evaporation is faster. You can click here to have additional info about these findings.

Now, to have long lashes that are faked however is not ideal. Those artificial lashes can make you look good but they are not really beneficial for your eyes health. Dry eyes and blinking frequently would be the effect of those fake eyelashes.

It is better not to sacrifice eyes health over look. But with the advance of technology we have today, it is not impossible to have eyelash-like filaments development that protects eyes to happen. Sample of those products can be found here.


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