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Functionality or parameters Free Professional
  Number of forms Unrestricted Unrestricted  
  Maximum number of questions in one form Unrestricted Unrestricted  
  Maximum number of respondents in one form 200* Unrestricted  
  Support of multilingual forms green green  
  Drawing up of a form by CSS means green green  
  Password protection of a form green green  
  Form integration on your site green green  
  Export of results (Excel / SPSS) green green  
  Forms without our buttons and logotype gray green  
  Insertion of counter Google Analytics gray green  
  Export together with form arguments gray green  
  Handing of a form to another user gray green  
  Priority support on E-mail gray green  
  Price Free from 15€ a month on  

Current tariff

Accessible only to authorized users.



* — For users having more than 10 forms available, and for anonymous users, most accessible are to be answers from only 100 respondents.
       If form contains only one question, then number of respondents is unrestricted.

Returns accepted means can be made under the following conditions:

  • if an e-mail with the appropriate application received not later than three days from the date of payment;
  • if the statement contains a valid reason refund;
  • and if after payment of the user did not have time to use paid services provided.

The statement must be sent from the email address to which the user is registered, to customer support e-mail: .

If the reason for the refund is not reasonably related to the quality of our service, we reserve the right to deduct from the amount to be repaid at a minimum fee that is charged for the service refund.

Since the service of money transfers is performed by a third party (electronic payment services), the return time is limited by the internal rules of the system, which was used for transferring funds. We, in turn, will consider the application within three days.