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We today introduce a paid subscription for those busy in polling at the level which might be called as "Professional". All basic functions are still accessible as before for free use. Restricted were only such functions as the possibility to insert one's own Google Analytics counter, transmit a form to another user, and export form arguments. Apart from that, paid subscribers will not have reflected on their forms our logo and our buttons.

Users with a free tariff will however come across a restriction in the number of respondent collected 200 answers to each form (or 100 in case if the user has more than 10 questionnaires stored). Though this restriction does not apply to forms which have already collected more answers than an established restriction or contains only one question.

Above all, we revised the public output of questionnaire results. These are now influenced by the answers given by respondents themselves. In case a form uses a conditional reflection of questions, then a respondent cannot by default see any statistics on questions he has not met at the stage of his participation in the poll. This behaviour can be changed in the setup "Result Publication".

A total list of alterations:

  • added a paid subscription, while restricting for free users a maximum number of accessible answers (not over 200) and an access to some professional functions;
  • added a possibility to export and import questionnaire translations;
  • added a possibility to restrict a public output of statistics, concerning the questions passed by the respondent (we take into consideration the conditions of reflection of questionnaire elements);
  • added a support of video service Vyclone.com;
  • added a possibility of output of two opposites in the table (input into Opposite Field by the Separator " <> ");
  • added a support of transparent background for questionnaires inserted into other sites;
  • added fields with a respondent IP and his supposed country, in the export of answers;
  • in questionnaires, which show statistic only after participation in the poll, we restricted a public output of statistics for users of whose participation we are not sure (a person with the same IP address but without additional signs of participation);
  • added colored markers to answers, in statistics, when including pie charts, so to understand printed results;
  • added one more type of graphs for tables in statistics, in which answers to various questions are being grouped;
  • we replaced H4 with H2/h3 in questionnaire questions;
  • fixed compatibility of inserted questionnaires with a new policy of security for some browsers;
  • fixed compatibility of inserted questionnaire code with the Editor tiny MCE;
  • fixed conversion of some types of questions into other ones;
  • fixed the loss of multilingual meaning in input fields, when doubling form;
  • fixed the use of incorrect ID in the class of a drop-out list of a form published;
  • various optimizations in service functioning;
  • petty corrections.