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Test questionnaires

Today we present a new function of test questionnaire, specially for instructors. With this mode, answers, indicated in Form constructor, are taken as correct answers not to be output for respondents, while in Statistics and Respondents sections they are used for counting and selecting correct answers. Besides, the page with answers from a particular respondent has been optimized for a printout and an additional checkup on paper.

The following form fields may be subjected to a checkup: "one from many" (but not "Other"), "some from many" (but not "Other"), "dropdown list", "number", "date,time", "price", "rating", and "table" (except boxes with text information).

Other changes:

  • fixed display of error messages, occasionally with using wrong languages;
  • fixed the problem of "empty respondents" when extracting their answers;
  • partially fixed the problem of frequently leaving the system;
  • fixed the error made when doubling "rating" component;
  • fixed the problem of losing of updates entered with conserving modified questionnaires;
  • fixed the function of determination of "where the respondent has come from", and display of this information;
  • added remembering of login part in reminding the password;
  • added a new "Articles" Section in which we'll be presenting helpful information;
  • added a function of automatic translation in "Translations" Section;
  • added a possibility of display in the questionnaire the button "Share with Friends";
  • added a possibility of exporting all the respondents in "xlsx" format;
  • added the support of Internet Explorer 9 function "Pin sites to the taskbar";
  • partially added the acceleration in the display of pages by the server.