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Service polishing

From time to time, we have to pause in order to realize new functions and analyze what has been realized, to see whether some obscure or unintelligible functions have not been heaped up. We have tried to correct all that was discovered. In case we have missed something we'll be glad to discuss it together with you.

Besides, we have considerably improved functioning of the texts, e.g. the analyze of correct answers, and there is now an opportunity to set up the number of points for correct answers.

The full list of changes:

  • in the tests, there is now the possibility of setting up the weight of correct answers, questions or rows in the tables. The function only operates in analyzed components: "one from many", "some from many", "drop-down list", "number", "table", "date,time", "price", and "rating";
  • in the respondent's results of questionnaire tests, the missed answers are marked as erroneous (in questions with more than one correct answer);
  • in the results of tests, the counting of points has been corrected: if in the questions like "some from many" the respondent has made at least one mistake, such an answer is considered incorrect, with no points scored on it. At that, the potential points are reflected for a possible recording in all disputable cases;
  • added a function of converting similar elements in the constructor has been added. Now, if after a continual entering of versions of answers you come to know that you selected the wrong type of answer, you still have an opportunity to readily correct everything — for this purpose you just click the question icon and select another type;
  • a function of preventing from loss of the data conserved in case of suddenly leaving the system (it occurs when user's address (IP) is to be changed) has been added;
  • adjustment of answer output in a casual order for components "one from many", "some from many", and "drop-down list" has been added;
  • added adjustment of answer limitation for component "some from many". Being supported up are both the simple setup of a minimum number of answers and a minimum-maximum one, using the "minus" sign;
  • added a function of answer sorting-out for components: "one from many", "some from many", "drop-down list", and "table";
  • added the results sorting-out of correspondents "one from many", "some from many", "drop-down list", and "table" in "Statistic" section and in the public results;
  • added a function of entering the list of answers, rows and table columns using the text list;
  • added control of integrity of and a considerable acceleration of the process of reservation of big questionnaires on slow connections;
  • added formatting elements in "Translation" Section for a message reflected after the respondent has filled in the form;
  • added adjustment of time zones and date formats;
  • improvement of compatibility of Constructor with the iPad;
  • improvement of supporting of site operation as an application to browsers Chrome and Firefox;
  • added the possibility of doubling questions with the pressed Ctrl, Alt or Shift keys. In this case the duplicate is inserted before an ongoing question;
  • improvement of operation of questionnaires entered;
  • if the table has only one column providing for elements text output, only these elements are being output (with no need to put check-boxes);
  • added help boxes in various sections which simplifies the acquaintance with service functions;
  • in the CSS editor, the support of entry of tabulation symbol and that of Ctrl-Enter key combination for quick reservation;
  • added some minor functions which makes it easier to operate the service and public questionnaires.