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Work on errors

During the last month, some interior tools, earlier planned to be left over for some time later, have been touched up, some mistake in displaying public forms have been corrected and minor improvements have been introduced into the Constructor and Export, which were of great interest to the users.

We have made these additions to:

  • table strings, - inscriptions on the right-hand side;
  • table columns, - an opportunity to set their values (in pixels or percents);
  • the Constructor, - an opportunity to point out the results as to which questions can be (or cannot be) stated in public statistics;
  • an opportunity to get the answers of a particular respondent in XLS format;
  • an export of results in the format understandable by SPSS program ( a check-up required);
  • an auto-definition of the time zone, summer time, and date-and-time format of the user's computer;
  • to translations, - elements "Address", "Month", and "Days of Week";
  • to translations, - displaying of text translations and inscriptions available in the system;
  • an opportunity to publish links in the servers "Google Buzz", "В контакте" and "Мой мир";
  • have numbered the respondents with unique values;
  • corrected mistake of attempting to create forms without name;
  • corrected the work of forms translated;
  • corrected the export and ways of removal of respondents in multilingual forms;
  • corrected the ways of checking-up email-addresses in the forms;
  • removed the names of their browsers from the respondents' list (we'll have them back if requested);
  • have made a lot of interior optimizations.