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Translation, removal and corrections

This time, alteration have taken place not today but during the time past, since the moment of a latest news, as some alteration required immediate decisions or some were rather negligent to speak of them loudly.

At present:

  • the site has been translated into English and Latvian, not by computer programmers, so if you come across strange entries, let us know;
  • the Site has removed to a new server, and we hope the speed has not disappointed you;
  • work with the users sitting at Proxy-Services has been retouched;
  • generation of public statistics has been sped up;
  • screening of fields of email and telephone type has been removed from public statistics;
  • default statistics restricts to ten entries such fields as “other”, “strings”, ”texts”. The remaining entries, as a general list, you can get, for the time being, only in Export. A normal access to them will be available some time later;
  • A few minor and not very minor corrections.