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We are one year old today!

On September 1 last year we joined the Web with our Service. During the time past the Service has been actively developing as it gained ever newer opportunities, part of which have been planned, some added at users' request. Judging from their response, it turned out not half bad.

Lately, we have been busy tuning up our Service, and now, from the time of our latest news, we have touched up the last known errors:

  • corrected the negative number of respondents who failed to answer in duplication forms;
  • corrected the error of added-up respondent who newer responded;  
  • cleaned up “empty” respondents who newer answered anything;  
  • touched up the respondent export (in case of broken connections).  

From today on, we are planning to focus on next-in-turn innovations. There's a number of interesting ideas, both with us and our users, that wait for their time to come.