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Statistics and Export optimizing

Since the last renovation of the Service facility, the activity of our visitors has noticeably grown up. Their new questionnaires have become far much popular than the previous ones, which required a slight change in work schedule. Optimizing of statistical and export data counting has been performed beyond schedule.

Some old questionnaires may have a different number of respondents presented in the list of questionnaires and on Statistics and Respondents pages as compared with a real number thereof on Respondent page. This was caused by one of our older renewals. If this difference troubles you, write to us.

Apart from optimizations, the following has been done:

  • because of complexity of the process of export into XLS Format, export into this format is performed when the number of respondents is no more than 500. Otherwise, the data is retained in CSV (UTF-8) format;
  • pagination has been added in Respondents Section;
  • support of multi-string messages in Translations Section added too;
  • a function of recognition of links in question headings, comments and messages has been retouched;
  • respondent registration has been slightly reformed to make it clearer what is going on and what status of respondent is;
  • answer to questions of Web-address and E-mail type are presented as links;
  • other minor corrections have also been made.