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We are one year old today!

On September 1 last year we joined the Web with our Service. During the time past the Service has been actively developing as it gained ever newer opportunities, part of which have been planned, some added at users' request. Judging from their response, it turned out not half bad.



Work on errors

During the last month, some interior tools, earlier planned to be left over for some time later, have been touched up, some mistake in displaying public forms have been corrected and minor improvements have been introduced into the Constructor and Export, which were of great interest to the users.



Component Renewal and Form Design

Basic attention, this time, has been given to the request of users who wanted to get an opportunity of entering texts of their own, describing the “Other” fields in components “one of a multitude” and “some of a multitude”. Besides, beyond the plan, a decision was made to add up an opportunity of changing form designs. The current decision is for users familiar with CSS.



Translation, removal and corrections

And now we are at our new more up-to-date server which must add up to stability and productivity in our work. Besides, the site has finally been translated into English which will provide for more foreign visitors and make it simpler to create English questionnaires (which excludes translating system messages). True, we still have difficulty in translating all the news on-line, but this is only the question of time.



Statistics and Export optimizing

Since the last renovation of the Service facility, the activity of our visitors has noticeably grown up. Their new questionnaires have become far much popular than the previous ones, which required a slight change in work schedule. Optimizing of statistical and export data counting has been performed beyond schedule.




Now all those who feel short of functionality of our Statistics Section may download the results of polling into your computer and analyze them in your favourite program, if it supports XLS format. Other formats will be added when required by users.