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Great thanks to all those who have sent us remarks on the subject of our service operation.
There's just a few novelties this time, but a lot of corrections made instead:

  • Constructor's work under various browsers has been corrected ;
  • public forms under various browsers have been corrected as well ;
  • visual errors occasionally displayed have been revised ;
  • saving and displaying of forms in the constructor have been made faster ;
  • an option of disabling some questions in the questionnaire has been added up ;
  • disabled questions are not displayed in the public section ;
  • a change of selecting a default value with the “Assessment” component has been added.;
  • Section “Profile” has been added in which you can, for now, change the login and the password ;
  • Also added were some pleasant trifles to make the use of the service easier.;

Plus, from today on there's appeared a chance of signing-in as a participant of paid polls. To this effect, after signing in you have to complete a small form in Section “Profile”, whose data will help the visitors, who want to know your opinion on points they take interest in, determine for themselves a group of respondents.