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This time, apart from successive corrections and a couple of new form elements, a lot of time has been given to multilingual questionnaires. Now you have a chance of creating questionnaires in several languages!

You can also edit/translate system messages watches by the respondent if the basic language of a questionnaire is not English

The full list of changes

  • A new link “Translations”, with which you can add up change the translation of a questionnaire and its system messages.
  • There's also an option of getting a link to a particular language or a page for selecting a language
  • system elements of the form: heading and signature have been added for you to translate them.
  • there has appeared a chance to filter statistics according to languages used in the questionnaire
  • there's also a new option of clearing up the results
  • two elements of the matrix and the address have been added (the list of countries and cities is not yet ideal)
  • the list “My questionnaires” makes it possible to have a copy of questionnaire
  • there's also a chance of setting the type of determining unique particulars of respondents (ip, cookie, without identification)
  • The owner of a questionnaire now can test it without a preliminary publication
  • now, when selecting particular languages in the questionnaire you do not lose the meaning of the elements (those lost earlier have been renovated)
  • the error with a default text has been corrected in the text field
  • the visual component of questionnaires has also been slightly renewed.

A happy new year to all of you!