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The type of forms named as Test (set in "Properties" of a questionnaire) on our Service differ from ordinary questionnaires in than answers by default set up in the Constructor are considered correct answers. In this status, they are no more reflected on Respondent side, but are taken into account to put out answers from respondents and have statistics with the Questionnaire Author, where they are marked as correct, which is helpful to check up results.  


Subject to varification are only those types of questions like "Line Field" and similar ones are not to be verified as they are likely to contain orthografic mistakes which are very hard to estimate in the authomatic mode. Questions like these in the results are marked grey for the Examimer to be able to check them up by himself. 

Besides, test questionnaires make it possible to put to each question a number of points for a correct answer. [picture] In this case, the results of answers from respondents will reflect points received.