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Publishing of questionnaire

1Launching of publication

After the questionnaire has been created it is still inaccessible for respondents until you publish it.

To publish a questionnaire, see Section “Publication” and press the button “Launch a publication”.

From this moment on, the questionnaire becomes accessible for respondents.

2Stopping of a publication

To stop a publication press Button “Stop a publication”.

3Public settings

Publication of Results

  • is cancelled — in this case you can only look at the results of your questionnaire in Section “Statistics”.
  • For those who have the results only after he/she has completed the answers to your questionnaire.
  • For all others – the results will be accessible to all the respondents from the very beginning of the polling.

How to offer the site visitors to complete a questionnaire.

By setting a check-mark before this option, any visitor of Site “webanketa.com” can become you respondent.

Please include the publicity of the results and the unique particulars of the respondents.